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World Animal Day just passed, and to celebrate we’re sharing the good news that two elephants who spent decades having to perform in miserable zoo conditions have finally found a new home together in a beautiful 250-acre jungle sanctuary.

The pandemic has been hard on lots of businesses around the world, but animal fans say it’s no bad thing that Phuket Zoo faces closure because of a lack of visitors during COVID-19.

Many groups and individuals have been celebrating, with Thailand non-profit Save Elephant Foundation taking the charge to find a new home for the zoo’s sweet elephant pair.

Initially, it looked like they wouldn’t have the money to save both Tang Mo–the older of the elephants, she’s been at the zoo since she was two years old–and teenager San Mueang, who was taken from his mother when he was only three.

After news of their potential rescue traveled on social media, though, enough funds were raised by strangers around the globe to rescue both of these close friends.

Tang Mo and San Mueang are now able to spend the rest of their lives together, in comfort, roaming the Elephant Nature Park reserve in Chiang Mai.

These days, the sweet pair no longer have to perform or do anything against their will.

Ry Emmerson of Elephant Nature Park says, “We believe in the healing, beautiful bond these two share and we can’t wait to see them enjoy the rest of their lives together as they remember what it feels like to be an elephant.”

The news of this relocation is a real bright spot in a difficult year.

If you’d like to donate to Elephant Nature Park, which is currently supporting almost 2,000 elephants with their daily needs as so many of Thailand’s zoos struggle without tourists during the pandemic.