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Bill O’Brien: I respected the decision, because we just didn’t do enough

Bill O’Brien saw it coming even when others might not have. Only four games into the season, O’Brien got a call from Texans chairman Cal McNair who delivered the bad

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Despite recent setbacks, Americans’ blood pressure has dropped dramatically since 1960

Blood pressure among adults decreased significantly during a 45-year period, according to new research that may offer encouragement for the millions who continue to struggle to control their blood pressure.

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Australian casino billionaire James Packer agrees he sent ‘shameful’ email threats

Australian casino billionaire James Packer on Tuesday acknowledged sending threatening emails in 2015 to an unnamed person with whom he was working on taking Crown Resorts Ltd CWN.AX private while

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Crusader Kings 3 outlaws “North Korea mode” in major patch

Like any grand strategy game, systems get real complicated real fast in Crusader Kings 3, so it’s little wonder that Paradox Interactive has taken player feedback on board to introduce

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Greek Athlete Carries Disabled Woman Up Mount Olympus–Fulfilling her Lifelong Dream

Greek mythology is filled with tales of heroic strength. Perhaps most famously, Atlas, who singlehandedly held the heavens aloft. In a singularly uplifting modern-day version of Atlas come to life,

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