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Tom Brady’s 222nd career regular-season win sets NFL record

Tom Brady won 219 regular-season games with the Patriots. He won his third with the Buccaneers on Sunday. That gives him 222 career wins, surpassing former teammate Adam Vinatieri for

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Are Apple and Google contract tracing apps available in your state?

The new contract tracing software from Apple and Google is up and running now, but their use is not widespread. They only work in conjunction with official state apps, and

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As U.S. job growth stalls, some workers face long-term unemployment

More than six months after the pandemic ravaged the U.S. labour market, millions of Americans who are still unemployed are bracing for the possibility that the jobs they held before

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Shock! Rain Games has announced Teslagrad 2

Teslagrad, the magnetic-themed Metroidvania from 2013, is getting a sequel. Teslagrad 2 will stick to the same formula and hand-drawn art style, but leave the old setting of Tesla’s tower

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Tasmanian devils reintroduced to mainland Australia after 3,000 years

Daughter dies inside hot car after cheap dad refused to smash window, cops sayPolice search home in connection to missing Utah studentCNN logoTasmanian devils reintroduced to mainland Australia after 3,000

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