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Tom Brady won 219 regular-season games with the Patriots. He won his third with the Buccaneers on Sunday.

That gives him 222 career wins, surpassing former teammate Adam Vinatieri for the NFL record for most wins by any player at any position. Vinatieri’s teams won 221 games in his 24 seasons with the Patriots and the Colts.

“I’m so grateful to all the players and coaches and organizations that have made this possible,” Brady wrote on social media, replying to a tweet by the team. “Nothing in football is achieved as an individual. . . . I’m so thankful to be playing a game I love and so lucky to have made so many friends along the way.”

Brady threw five touchdown passes Sunday, surpassing Warren Moon (40 years, 342 days old) as the oldest quarterback to throw five touchdown passes in a game. Drew Brees is the only other quarterback over 40 to throw five touchdowns in a game.

Brady’s 552 career touchdown passes are three behind Brees for the NFL record.